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○Step1 (inquiry) Let me know your favorite genre and artists. I'll recommend some artists that may fit your taste. -->website ★http://jrocktours.com/ -->tour archived ★https://www.instagram.com/jrocktours.tokyo/ My range are j-rock(metal,punk,loud,pop), j-pop,edm,hiphop,rap and idol. ○Step2( planning) In case you want to grab a bite in local hidden restaurant ,need guide around the venue, learn about music industry,artists themselves and want to communicate with artists.( take photo,talk with aritists) This is my connection in Tokyo music scene. ※excluding transportation fee, ticket fee, food fee. ※basically,in case of big artist, I can't cordinate. ○Step3(reservation) As for me, when the gig that we go is fixed, I'll reserve tickets instead of you ( it's 500 yen off because this is advanced tickets). As for you, please make a reservation on Airbnb . ○Step4 (meetup) We meet up and go to the gig according to itinerary. Other things to note Not included ・concert ticket fee ・transportation fee ・any other food,drink fee ・merchandise fee of artists (T-shir
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*저는 백신 맞았습니다. 프라이벳 투어이고요. 시부야, 또는 요요기 하치만 요요기공원 근처 동네서 여유롭게 영상/사진 찍고 돌아다니는 투어입니다. 표정 관리 포징 디렉션도 가능하니 편하게 참가해 주세요~
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See the last vestiges of old Tokyo tucked away in the Shinjuku area. In the quiet afternoon, we'll safely pedal along the shrines and temples lining the historic Kanda River, stopping for traditional Japanese snacks and catching a glimpse of local students playing sports. We'll see new and modern architecture in exclusive neighborhoods and innovative play parks for young children that are being studied worldwide. After visiting a few cultural gems, we will take a break for lunch at one of my favorite local places. We know what's good and what people like. Don't hesitate to request something specific. Other things to note Cameras are recommended. All the bikes have baskets and fenders. Please let me know your food requests or any allergies. There will be no alcohol during this experience as we will be cycling.
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Explore Shinjuku on two wheels! Why Shinjuku? It is the most colorful district in Tokyo; Rich in architectural, historical and cultural charms with popular sites, including the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office, Meiji Shrine, pop-culture streets, etc. You can immerse yourself in the diverse cultures of Japan by just one day! Why biking? First, it's simply exciting to ride a bicycle in your strange place! Second, Shinjuku has a lot of interesting sites but is too large to walk around. By cycling, you can enjoy sightseeing while saving good energy for the evening! Why Discover Tokyo? We are experts of Shinjuku! We will take you not only to famous tourist sites, but also to small local shops, secret streets and our favorite restaurant, not on guidebooks. You may also try some peculiar snacks and Japanese traditional sweets. We like to share our insights about our life, culture, religions and so on. Our safe Mama-chari bikes: We have several types of bikes so you can choose. Among them, Mama-chari, literary Mom's bicycle, is a safe stable bicycle with a large basket. It is easy to ride even in a long skirt. We have helmets for your safety though it is not mandatory to wear. We help orphans: We donate profit to Second Harvest Japan, a foodbank, who use the money to deliver foods to orphans. Other things to note Cameras are recommended. All the bikes have baskets and fenders. Please let me know your food requests or any allergies. There will be no alcohol during this experience as we will be cycling.
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Créer votre propre poème japonais (Haïku) avec un professionnel Haïkiste. À la fin du cours, nous vous offrons la carte de votre Haïku en calligraphie écrit par Haïkiste. (Comme la photo) – Qu’est-ce que le haïku (俳句) ? Le haïku est un court poème japonais qui a un rythme. Ce rythme est 5, 7, et 5 syllabes. En général on le crée avec un mot saisonnier appelé Kigo (季語). -Qu’est-ce qu’on peut faire avec un Haïku ? Comme c’est un poème très court, on ne peut pas dire beaucoup de choses. Par contre, vous pouvez emporter un Haïku avec vos décourvertes et emotion à ce moment : cela sera une expérience précieuse ! -Comment fait-on un cours d'Haïku ? Après un petit cours d’Haïku, créez votre Haïku par votre langue. Présentez votre Haïku, et nous allons essayer de traduire en japonais. ★Contactez-nous, la date et l’heure ! En général, nous avons lieu dans le parc Ueno Tokyo, mais pour l'instant on aura lieu seulement en ligne !! Durée : 1h30 Nombre de participant : Min 2〜Max 6 pers Rendez-vous : Devant votre écran !! Cliquez le lien de Zoom et attendez notre admission. Pour vous envoyer votre carte d'Haiku, s'il vous plaît envoyez-nous : Votre nom, adresse, numéro de téléphone et adresse-email
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Please find out this tour on Instagram ID #shrine_lover_jp. Let’s meet at Harajuku station of JR Yamanote line which is the next station from Shibuya station and 2 stations from Shinjuku station. Meiji shrine is just 5 minutes’ walk from Harajuku station. You will find the beautiful Torii gate and deeply forested and beautiful gardens. Walking a path in the Meiji Shrine will make you forget that you are in the central area of Tokyo’s business district. This place is also believed by Japanese that the place is full of positive spiritual energy that warms and fills your heart. Let’s enjoy the walk in the fresh air while studying Japanese cultures and making wishes. Moving to Harajuku which is 5 minutes from Meiji shrine and the iconic town of Japanese fashion and unique cultures meets Kawaii, cutes culture. can be found. Let’s enjoy fabulous brunch there! Also we can have discussed of Japanese culture or recommended places to visit during your Tokyo trip. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon! Other things to note Please wear easy to walk shoes. We will walk around for 1 to 1.5 hours. And bring cash for brunch which will cost around 1,000 JPY to 2,000 JPY depending on your order.
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