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June 17, 2019
Japanese love here too!!!Lovers will go there!
March 31, 2018
We can drink alcohol beverages at here.But It is in prohibited in the Disney land.
September 17, 2019
Tokyo DisneySea is a fantasy theme park in Tokyo Disney Resort that is unique to Japan. Inspired by the myths and legends of the sea, Tokyo DisneySea is made up of seven themed ports of call: Mediterranean Harbor, Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery and…
May 3, 2017
Tokyo DisneySea is a Disney park composed of seven areas that form Tokyo Disney Resort with Tokyo Disneyland and others.
January 23, 2019
-Disney Sea I recommend for couples and adults. Disney sea has more "adult" friendly rides, like roller coasters and high speed rides!

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“Tokyo Disneyland is a theme park based on the films produced by Walt Disney. It was opened in 1983 as the first Disney theme park outside of the United States. Modeled after Disneyland in California and the Magic Kingdom in Florida, Tokyo Disneyland is made up of seven themed lands and features seasonal decorations and parades. Tokyo Disneyland is a five minute walk from JR Maihama Station. It can also be reached in a few steps from the Tokyo Disneyland Station along the Disney Resort Monorail.”
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“지브리 미술관. 히가시 나카노에서 환승없이 15 분 거리 미타카 역은 2001 년 개관 이래 세계 각국에서 팬이 모이는 「스튜디오 지브리 미술관」이 있습니다. 지브리 작품의 세계에 잠길 수있는 지브리 미술관. 미야자키 하야오 감독의 스케치에서 창조 된이 시설은 호기심과 모험심을 자극하는 장치가 많이 담겨 있습니다. 불행히도 시설은 촬영 금지이므로, 자신의 기억에 단단히 새겨주세요!”
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“A Café located near the Kichioji-station. The feature of the café is that all seats are hammocks.”
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“This tiny little coffee shop started as a pop up store open for just 3 months. However it was so popular it is still running 3 years later. Located In the middle of a residential neighborhood close to Harajuku, the cafe is built as a cube frame sitting inside an old traditional Japanese home. Try the cube cakes!”
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“The busiest Cherry blossom park in the season. It's in near Ueno station and free. There are any museums and a zoo.”
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Maihama, Chiba-ken 279-0031
전화+81 570-008-632