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Natural Feature

Muzey-Zapovednik Kolomenskoye

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June 13, 2018
I think this place don't need to introduce)
June 03, 2018
This is a really big, green park standing on the Moscow-river with well-equipped walking and bicycle roads and wifi. There is some historical buildings like Church of the Ascension where Cyar Ivan Grozniy had his wedding, Czar Alexander Mikhailovich's Palace and other.
May 31, 2018
by 219, 908 or 487 bus. station is in front of house. IMHO most picturesque Moscow park, ideal in all weather. There are two main route. First is from Kolomenskoe methrostation (if you come by 219 bus), enter from historical churches and remains of the tsar palace. One of two churches has rare…
May 21, 2018
Nice park with historical Buildings
May 15, 2018
Historical buildings, old churches and cathedrals, museums, old Wooden House of Russian Tsar' Peter the Great. On the bank of Moskva river with scenic views.

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“Tsaritsyno is located in the south of Moscow and includes an architectural complex of the late 18th century, Greenhouses, Historical Landscaped Park with ponds and new park zones with Light dynamic fountain. The territory covers 405 hectares. The palace complex created as a suburb residence of the Empress Catherine II. It was designed and built by the architect Vasily Bazhenov. Later the new Grand Palace by Matvey Kazakov became the center of composition. The buildings were not completed. After the Empress’s death work stopped.”
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“Ostankino Tower: is a television and radio tower in Moscow. Standing 540.1 metres (1,772 ft) tall, the tallest free-standing structure in Europe and 11th tallest in the world. The observation platform. The Seventh Heaven restaurant.”
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History Museum
“The Diamond Fund exhibition was opened in 1967 on the territory of the Moscow Kremlin. It is a subdivision of the Gokhran of Russia. Treasures of the Diamond Fund of the Russian Federation represent a collection of unique nuggets of precious metals and precious stones of historical and artistic value, as well as a collection of unique jewelry and other items made of precious metals and precious stones. The collection is undoubtedly one of the most significant and largest collections in the world. It is the most famous part of the State Fund treasury. The Diamond Fund is a unique collection with a long path of development closely associated with the history of the Russian state. ”
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“English The building with a total area of ​​53,000 m2 includes three zones: a platform for aquariums and water shows, as well as a swimming center with dolphins. On the ground floor there are 80 aquariums with an area of ​​12,000 m2 with more than 600 species of various fish and animals. The exposition is divided into thematic zones: fresh and sea waters of Russia, water bodies of South America and Africa, the reef hall and others. Also in the aquarium zone is a contact pool that allows visitors to touch the animals. At the same time, the exhibition can be visited by 1200. The auditorium in the area of ​​water shows can accommodate up to 2300 spectators. For swimming with dolphins open seven pools built on the latest technologies. Among the inhabitants of the oceanarium are animals such as killer whales, dolphins, beluga whales, Baikal seals, sharks, octopus, starfish, stingrays, moray eels, various aquatic plants, sea anemones and corals, jellyfish, sea horses, crocodiles, turtles, crustaceans and A large number of marine and freshwater fish. Each mammal is kept in the most comfortable conditions, eats 12 kinds of fish. The total amount of water in the Moskurium is 25 million liters. It took more than 700 tons of sea salt from the Sea of ​​Japan and the Sea of ​​Okhotsk to launch the aquarium. To maintain the salinity level of water, about 80 tons of salt are required every month. Water and air are cleaned using 47 engineering systems. A full cycle of water treatment takes four hours. The chemical composition, temperature and other parameters of water are controlled automatically. To clean the main pool, a unique system is used, which is checked 10 times a day. Opening hours: from 10 am to 10 pm The box office opening hours: from 10 am to 9 pm I recommend using the metro (1 hour journey) Russian Здание общей площадью 53 000 м2 включает три зоны: площадку для аквариумов и водных шоу, а также центр плавания с дельфинами. На нулевом этаже располагаются 80 аквариумов площадью 12 000 м2 с более чем 600 видами различных рыб и животных. Экспозиция делится на тематические зоны: пресные и морские воды России, водоёмы Южной Америки и Африки, рифовый зал и другие. Также в зоне аквариумов находится контактный бассейн, позволяющий посетителям прикоснуться к животным. Одновременно выставку могут посетить 1200. Зрительный зал в зоне водных шоу вмещает до 2300 зрителей. Для плавания с дельфинами открыты семь бассейнов построенных по новейшим технологиям. Среди обитателей океанариума такие животные, как киты-косатки, дельфины, киты-белухи, байкальские нерпы, акулы, осьминоги, морские звёзды, скаты, мурены, различные водные растения, актинии и кораллы, медузы, морские коньки, крокодилы, черепахи, ракообразные и большое количество морских и пресноводных рыб. Каждое млекопитающее содержится в комфортнейших условиях, питается 12 видами рыб. Общий объём воды в «Москвариуме» составляет 25 миллионов литров. Для запуска океанариума потребовалось более 700 тонн морской соли из Японского и Охотского морей. Для поддержания уровня солёности воды ежемесячно требуется около 80 тонн соли. Вода и воздух очищаются с помощью 47 инженерных систем. Полный цикл очистки вода проходит за четыре часа. Химический состав, температура и другие параметры воды контролируются автоматически. Для очистки главного бассейна используется уникальная система, которую проверяют 10 раз в день. Часы работы: с 10 утра до 10 вечера Часы работы касс: с 10 утра до 9 вечера Рекомендую использовать метро (1 час пути)”
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미술 갤러리
“The State Tretyakov Gallery is an art gallery in Moscow, Russia, the foremost depository of Russian fine art in the world.”
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