Fluoir 최고의 즐길 거리

현지인처럼 도시를 즐겨보세요. 현지인이 추천하는 즐길 거리와 맛집을 확인하고 값진 팁을 얻어가세요.

현지인이 즐겨 찾는 장소

최고의 공원, 레스토랑, 명소 및 현지인의 사랑을 받는 장소 등 현지인이 직접 만든 알찬 도시 가이드를 만나보세요.

1. Secret Lagoon Hot Spring
50현지인의 추천
Hafdís님의 추천사 “Natural hot spring Secret Lagoon natural hot springs are located in the small village called Fludir ...” ·
2. Sindri Bakari Cafe
15현지인의 추천
Inga님의 추천사 “Old school bakery, I just found this one a few days ago (July 2017) and I can not wait to go back. R...” ·
3. Hrunalaug
12현지인의 추천
Lea Helga
Lea Helga님의 추천사 “Hruni is a natural pool, located in the middle of nowhere :) Relatively easy to find, just before ar...” ·
4. Minilik Restaurant
19현지인의 추천
Hermann + Johanna
Hermann + Johanna님의 추천사 “Minilik Ethiopian Restaurant Sweet-faced Azeb cooks up traditional Ethiopian specialities in this we...” ·
5. Farmer’s Bistro
8 Garðastígur
10현지인의 추천
Vilborg님의 추천사 “Open 12-16, at least that is the fact in autumn 2017. The main mushroom production for Iceland. Serv...” ·
6. Skálholt Cathedral
8현지인의 추천
Hrafnhildur (HABBY)
Hrafnhildur (HABBY)님의 추천사 “Skálholt in Biskupstungur is one of Iceland´s most important historic sites. Christianity was made s...” ·
7. Vínbúðin
7현지인의 추천
Gréta님의 추천사 “Here you can buy alcohol. In Iceland Vínbúðin is the only place where you can buy beer and other alc...” ·
8. Útlaginn
3현지인의 추천
Erling님의 추천사 “The only pub in Fludir, often have some bands playing in the weekends.” ·
9. Flúðalaug
4현지인의 추천
Erna Elínbjörg
Erna Elínbjörg님의 추천사 “Our local swimming pool. It is 25 meters long, has two hot tubs and a steam bath. Winter opening: ...” ·
10. Garðyrkjustöðin Silfurtúni
1현지인의 추천
Erna Elínbjörg
Erna Elínbjörg님의 추천사 “A tiny shed next to the greenhouses where you can buy strawberries and tomatoes straight from the fa...”
11. Flúðir
17현지인의 추천
Hjálmar & Katrín
Hjálmar & Katrín님의 추천사 “Not far from the cabin (30 min drive). A geothermal town with lots of local farmers selling their v...” ·
12. Icelandair Hotel Fludir
3현지인의 추천
Jón님의 추천사 “Is a small village close by the house, 8 km (10 minutes drive). Geothermal heat is utilised for gree...” ·
13. Tjaldsvæði Flúðum
1현지인의 추천
Gréta님의 추천사 “The swimming pool at Flúðir http://www.fludir.is/thjonusta/sundlaugin/”
14. Litla Melabúðin
1현지인의 추천
Björg님의 추천사 “A cute, little shop with fresh vegetables and produce. Cheaper than supermarkets.”
15. Secret Local Adventures
1현지인의 추천
Erna Elínbjörg
Erna Elínbjörg님의 추천사 “A family run company with local guides and Super- jeep highland tours. We have travelled with them a...”
16. N1 Gas Station
6현지인의 추천
Silke님의 추천사 “Gas station and bus station” ·
17. Samkaup Strax
5현지인의 추천
Bjarney님의 추천사 “Opening hours sep - may: Opening hours june - august: mon-fri: 9-19 ...” ·
18. Restaurant Hótel Flúðir
1현지인의 추천
Arndis님의 추천사 “Restaurant”