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“Must do if you come to Valencia. Lovely architecture and the best oceanographic in Europe ”
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“In Valencia you can experience the eating habits and preferences of Spanish people, up close. For this, you ought to head to the amazing central market locally referred to as Mercado Central. Built between 1915 and 1928 and inaugurated by King Alfonso XIII, it is an 8000 square meter building where you can find a diverse range of local, organic food. When you visit Mercado Central, the first thing that will strike you is its impressive modern architecture and vastness. The multi colored hand-painted patterned tiles, iron vaulted beams, and intricate glass dome are most impressive from a visual perspective. From fresh fruit to meat, bread, and vegetables you can find everything that Spanish people love to gorge on. The bustling market is also home to cured meat stalls that also sell various types of local organic cheese. You will also find lots of fresh and dried herbs sold at bargain rates. As for produce, you can come across rare breeds like the "king trumpet mushroom" while the variety of peppers and chilly you can find here is impressive, to say the least. The ambiance of the market, all that buzz, smell and colors can overpower your senses. While at the Central Market you may want to check out the bakery area, which is down the central walkway or ‘Pasillo’. There are several stalls selling ‘barra’ stick of bread in addition to a few variations such as ‘Pan rustico’ and Pan de Pueblo’.”
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“They do a dolphin display and it has the largest glass water tunnel in Europe to walk through, directly underneath the massive fish tank, with sharks swimming a few metres from your face!”
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“Very easy to find and to access. If you are driving there is a large underground car park on site with lifts direct to the entry level. The zoo is fairly compact and very well laid out and maintained. The onsite restaurant is ok although prices could be a little better - our advice is to eat at around 1330 as by 1400 there is always a queue.”
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Dog Run
“Spain’s third largest city, Valencia, is also a thriving tourist destination. The port city boasts of a rich heritage which is why thousands of visitors throng the city every year. Some of the major attractions include landmarks like the Torres de Serranos or Serranos Towers, just south of Turia Gardens. Its origins can be traced to the 14th century with Pere Balaguer, a renowned architect of the time, credited for the design. During the Middle Age and subsequent era, Valencia was encircled by a city wall with the Serranos Towers serving as part of the fortification. The grandiose looking Torres de Serranos was among the 12 official entrances. It gets its name from the hills that form the backdrop of the city. During the Spanish civil war in the 1930s, it was used to store 525 paintings along with other noted artwork from the Prado museum. The pentagon-shaped towers that are connected by a common gallery have stood the test of time and remain one of the finest examples of gothic designs. It has been declared a Monument of Historical and Artistic Interest. The remains of an old moat are visible from the top, which is accessible from a stairway. In fact, the highlight of visiting this landmark is the amazing view of the city, Turia Gardens, River Turia and beyond from the top. The site is currently used to host ceremonies that include the opening ceremony of the Las Fallas festival in March. Fallas is a traditional celebration in commemoration of St. Joseph. It’s one big street party for that lasts over five days and nights, so you might want to head to Torres de Serranos if you happen to visit in March. At Torres de Serranos you can choose to join a free guided tour that takes visitors through the battlements and walkways. Tours are conducted daily except Mondays.”
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“Historical place. You can’t come to Valencia and not visit the Cathedral+Basilica. Every Thursdays you can see the historical “tribunal de les aigües”, they are judges deciding about water.”
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“Un lugar perfecto para los amantes del arte moderno! Entrada 2 €. Domingos gratis. A perfect place for lovers of modern art. Entrance 2 €. Sunday free.”
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“The Town Hall square. It is surrounded by really interesting buildings and is located in the new city center of the city. Take a look at Correos building (the post office)!”
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“Discover the historic center and its rich artistic heritage. You can see the authentic Santo Cáliz inside the Cathedral; La Lonja de la Seda, a jewel of civil Gothic; the Central Market, one of the largest and richest fresh produce in Europe; the spectacular frescoes of the Church of San Nicolás, and a long etc”
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“Fast becoming popular with hipsters, artists and hippies, Ruzafa has a unique vibe to the rest of the city and offers tourists something different to discover. Home to some of Valencia’s best tapas joints, bars and restaurants, it’s also filled with independent art galleries and vintage boutiques. Ruzafa is also a great place to visit during the city’s annual Las Fallas festival, held each March, where giant papier-mâché sculptures are created and placed around the city before being burnt on the final day. Ruzafa celebrates during Las Fallas with its own mini-festival, complete with over-the-top decorations and lights.”
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“Valencia, the most amazing city in the south eastern part of Spain, is a prime tourist attraction in Europe. Its ancient buildings, religious edifices, museums and markets lure thousands of tourists every year. While exploring this beautiful city, you ought not to miss the chance to explore Llotja de la Seda – the silk exchange. This is a Gothic-style civil edifice and one of the major spots for tourists. The buildings were built between 1482 and 1533, which was deemed the golden era of Valencia. The buildings stand as witnesses of the glorious industrial past of the Spanish empire. It was built by ace architect Pere Compte and the resemblance to medieval castles is there. The Silk Exchange buildings cover an area of approx 2,000 square meters. It was the city’s sole building used exclusively for mercantile transactions. In a way, its existence contributed to the economic prosperity of Valencia in the 16th century and later. The Llotja de la Seda is a wonderful piece of gothic architecture and you are sure to be charmed by its grandeur. The 28 Gothic gargoyles atop the buildings lend a unique visual appeal to the surroundings. It has 4 main sections that include the Contract Hall, Orange tree courtyard, Consulado del Mar and main Tower. Each of the sections has their distinct appeal. As a visitor you have the opportunity to soak in the beauty of the architecture and the imposing ceilings since they do not have much interior furnishings. The building has been granted the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While on a visit to La Lonja de Seda there are a few other major landmarks you may want to explore. This includes the Central Market and Royal Church of St. John. A number of city bus routes cover this spot. ”
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아침 식사 전문점
“fancy place on Patacona beach with a great terrace for breakfast and variety of sandwiches, cakes, juices and shakes Working hours: daily from 8.00-1.30 Price range: 10-15 EUR per pax Address: Passeig Marítim de la Patacona, 11, 46120 Alboraia, València ”
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지중해 레스토랑
“One of the best place to relax by the beach, drinks and snacks on demand. Full restaurant with great choice. Swimming pool. Disco bars from early afternoon and all through the night.”
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“lots of restaurants, coffee shops, bars, gourmet market, shops .... in an emblematic building in the heart of Valencia”
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“The beach! Beautiful, only 20 minutes by bus from the city center! Take a bike ride down the coast.”
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Natural Feature
“Albufera is a lake, you can get there by bus, have the best paella there (there is a restaurant which has the award "best paella in Spain/which means best in the worls ;) ) after paella you can go for a boat "trip" in the lake for watching the sunset (amazig ones ;) )”
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