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“Don’t just shop. Collect the precious moments in those experiences to obtain, rediscover yourselves!” I'll take you to Shibuya&Harajuku independent retailers where you are not able to reach by yourselves. You can visit more than 12 selected accounts, more than 25 Tokyo street style brands, vintage shops. You will be permitted to take photos and videos if you are with me. Along the way,we'll discuss the history and context of Japanese street fashion. "God is in the details." I had picked and chose myself carefully for the places. Establishing relationship through intimate exchange over time, about fashion but also about the culture that surrounds the world of fashion. I find so much joy and the sense of meaning to bridge my customers and those independent brands. Stores I chose will share not only their fine collection of apparel but their history and experiences, I expect everyone to trade inspirations and perspectives, as well as wide range of interest during the visit. I want to connect inspirational individuals, nothing feels better to see the spur between the store staffs with different backgrounds, and my customers from all over the world. In the rapid current of fashion world, things become more and more instant and convenient through the power of the internet, I feel responsible, as a fan, for keeping the nature of what domestic Japanese brands can offer.
2.5시간최대 참여 인원: 4명
이전 가격:$66할인 가격:$53~/인
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Our Instagram is @NueVisionTokyo, please feel free to check out our profile! We will curate different itineraries to meet the individuals needs as best we can. However, if you want complete freedom and choice to pick any location, feel free to inquire and message us for special rates and offers. We also offer: - Proposal/engagement -Teamlab/Tokyo Disney/many more! - Unique Seasonal Locations (Currently Autumn Special!) From hidden alleyways to urban scenic backdrops, we will capture a variety of candid to posed shots. Feeling nervous or awkward in front of the camera? No worries! No prior modeling skills required, we can assist with our professional experience to get your best angles. As we are two photographers, we can give you each of our undivided attention as well as offer you the best of both scenic and portraiture shots, which we are each equipped with lens for those purposes. We specialize quality over quantity, as we allow you to choose from our preferred selection (i.e. clean shots, no blurs, blinking, etc.) All photos will be high resolution and ready for print or to post for social media. Be ready to dazzle your friends and family back home with jaw dropping photos! *For proposal/engagement shoots, we strongly recommend to book a "Private Shoot" so we can give our full attention during the session.
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★Ongoing Promos★ 1. From July 2021 to August 2021, all bookings are private 1 on 1 sessions! Please message me for inquiries. 2. Now accepting Event bookings! Please message me for more details I will show you guys the visuals of Shibuya, the views you can get of the Crossing from above. Off the beaten paths spots and major tourist spots you shouldn't miss. After that we will move to Shinjuku via the JR Yamanote Line (12 minute train ride) and show you the gritty side of Tokyo, showing you the tiniest of alleys and the main night-life spot. The tour/photoshoot is going to be around 2-3 hours. I will be providing you with 25-40 high resolution photos, post processed and ready to share to your friends and family. ★If you have special requests such as a supply of masks or hand sanitizer, please don't hesitate to talk to me about it!★
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*저는 백신 맞았습니다. 프라이벳 투어이고요. 시부야, 또는 요요기 하치만 요요기공원 근처 동네서 여유롭게 영상/사진 찍고 돌아다니는 투어입니다. 표정 관리 포징 디렉션도 가능하니 편하게 참가해 주세요~
1.5시간최대 참여 인원: 3명
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*Due to COVID-19, social distancing will be practiced and it is mandatory to wear a face mask. You can take it off while pictures are taken but it must be worn when pictures are not being taken. It is also a good idea to bring hand sanitizer. If you are feeling ill on the day of the experience, please inform the host right away.* Do you need help posing? Would you like some nice photos for your social media? Allow me to get some cool shots of you in Shibuya and Shinjuku! We will visit some well-known areas and interesting backstreets. 9.8.21 - EDIT *Due to the Tokyo state of emergency, many stores and areas in Shinjuku have closed and turned off their neon lights so if you would like to shoot at night, I recommend staying in Shibuya. Day shoots will not be affected by this change.* ---------------------- You will get a minimum of 40-50 edited photos and your choice of 10 photos with skin/body retouching if desired. ---------------------- I am also available for professional headshots and shooting at TeamLab and other locations within the Tokyo area (e.g. Harajuku, Ikebukuro, Asakusa, etc.) so feel free to let me know if you have any preferences. We can always adjust and cater the photoshoot to your liking. Just shoot me a message, I’m flexible!
1.5시간최대 참여 인원: 4명
이전 가격:$87할인 가격:$70~/인
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We will meet up at the busiest intersection in the world. I will greet you with a little Japanese language lesson, as well as a chūhai—a local canned alcohol drink. We will venture to a Izakaya for dinner and possible karaoke if available (yes at the same time) . From there, I will take you to experience Japan's nightlife. We will go to some of the coolest bars, and some of the biggest clubs. While dancing to some awesome music, we will drink, make new friends, and enjoy life. Every tour is uniquely based on events, local crowds, and appetite. Cheers! I hope to see you soon! Note: If you challenge us to a drinking game you'll probably lose. Other things to note If the date is unavailable message me! We may be able to accommodate you ! Please dress to impress. Featured in a news article! check it out! www.yp.sg/how-much-do-you-know-about-airbnb-experiences
5.5시간최대 참여 인원: 10명
이전 가격:$55할인 가격:$44~/인
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Street Food Japan Shibuya Food Story
After meeting up at the Hachiko Statue, we will begin our 3-hour Shibuya food tour at the world famous Shibuya crossing amidst the dazzling neon lights and popular shops. Finding your way through one of the most populated cities in the world can seem overwhelming at first. Our guided tour will help you navigate Shibuya like a pro and allow you to experience all of the traditional foods that Japanese cuisine has to offer. From izakaya style dishes, sushi and a savory ramen, discover the city through a local perspective. My experience is designed for a small group so that you can experience a great culinary experience where local Japanese who are also particular about their food go to satisfy their cravings. Other things to note Wear comfortable shoes since this is a walking tour. Additionally, since there is always a crowd near the Hachiko statue since it is the most famous meeting spot in all of Japan, keep an eye for the Street Food Japan guide with the sign.
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I'm excited to take my guests to one of “Shibuya style” supermarkets. I show you and explain seasonal produces, Japanese seasonings, and pantry items in Japanese kitchen. From this part of experience, I'd like my guests to discover what Japanese eat everyday, and the fundamental ingredients of Japanese cuisine. And more, I hope that from this experience of visiting a market with me is a chance to see how Japanese food market is presenting products, how Tokyo locals shop, and “food culture” behind the products. After visiting the market, we move to my cooking studio by taking a train two stops from Shibuya or walk depending on weather. Class menu changes slightly with seasonal vegetables, but the menu in this experience is always Japanese home cooking 101. I want my guests to learn where is “umami” comes from and how to create it. And, recipes are very simple to cook and ingredients can be found in your city so that you can recreate the class menu easily for your friends and family. Menu is Karaage, corn rice, miso soup, three other side dishes. My goal for this cooking class is my guests will be able to cook delicious miso soup in their kitchen after my class! Class menu is not created for vegetarian, but can be accommodated as much as I can. BUT, smoked bonito is always used in broth in this class. I also offer “Ramen at Home” and “Vegetarian Ramen and Gyoza” class. Other things to note My menu is fixed ahead, some ingredients are purchased a day before also pick up in the market. Vegetarian request can be made, BUT smoked bonito cannot be removed in class. I have Vegetarian Ramen Class for vegetarian guests. If age under 12, price is a half. Please message me on booking which kids
3시간최대 참여 인원: 5명
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도쿄 노래방 + 무료 맥주 + 즐거운 시간!
As soon as we meet in front of the Shibuya 109 building, I'll take you thorough hustle and bustle of Shibuya streets. I'm from southeast Tokyo and have been going to karaoke boxes in Shibuya since I was a little girl. I know all of karaoke boxes in Shibuya very well. We'll go to one of the best karaoke box where you will see the locals visit daily after work. Karaoke box is the one of our unique cultures. Different from most other countries, we'll enjoy karaoke in a private room. Don't worry if you are shy, we can enjoy singing together! 70's 80's 90's songs to the latest songs! Heavy metal to Japanese city pop! Also a karaoke box offer all the beers (or other alcohol) you can drink which is included in the price. In this experience, you will see how Japanese people enjoy drinking and karaoke, and learn some useful unwritten Japanese karaoke rules, so you can connect to locals and experience our drinking culture. This is a fun experience, it will definitely bring out lots of laughs! Other things to note The host will provide Karaoke fee, ice cream and unlimited drinks.
2시간최대 참여 인원: 10명
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+SPECIAL SAKURA * PROMOTION MARCH | APRIL 2020 + +During the month of March | April I’ll be offering daytime Sakura | Cherry Blossoms shoots, find out how I managed to photograph 70% of all Airbnb Customers Cherry Blossoms two years in a row, Check my website under Gallery - Sakura Case Study Come and experience my award-winning Photo Experience Tour and get your photo taken in a Cinematic Sci-FI Vibrant Tokyo as well as During Cherry Blossoms for those Enigmatic Fantasy photos! Find out why I am currently Airbnb’s top-rated Photographer and top 5 Worldwide in the platform. I’ve hosted more than 2000+ people in my Experience Tour, don’t get fooled by the cheaper imitations with the same Title | Description and even same style 80% of my customers never done a photoshoot before, yet they walk away with Agency Type Photos, check my reviews and see why! 

You’ll receive at least 40-50 Photos + HD ready to take your Instagram to the next level and increase your followers and make everyone envy you back home :) 

Also offering: 
 1.-Proposals | Engagements | Weddings | Honey Moon 
2.-Hakone Photo Tour 3.-Teamlab Planets Photos 
4.-Private Group | Individual Photos 
 5.-Sensoji Kimono Photos 6.-Video Experience DM ME! Let my work speak for itself: My instagram: instagram.com/future_vizion Photography Website: futurevizion.jp click on airbnb case study under Gallery Other things to note +Bring happiness and Smiles, you are the star of the night!! +Check my instagram.com/future_vizion to view my style! +Check my website futurevizion.jp click on airbnb case study for my airbnb photos +i also offer Hakone Photo Tour and Private Proposals contact me for details!
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