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관광에서부터 현지인만 아는 멋진 장소까지, 그 지역에 정통한 현지인의 도움으로 각 도시의 매력을 깊이 있게 체험해 보세요.

“Walk along the bay and seawall to enjoy the views of the fort and the bay and downtown St. Augustine. ”
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“A must see if you're visiting Florida. Hundreds of alligators in one place! The Alligator Farm is less than 1.5 miles away. Take the scenic route by using the back roads in the neighborhood.”
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칵테일 바
“Great for classic cocktails and a Prohibition theme. Excellent food also! Attached is the St. Augustine Distillery. Always a fun tour to take and try some new libations!”
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해산물 요리 전문점
“This place is over on Vilano Beach. It is right on the intracoastal waterway so the views are amazing and the food is delicious 😋!!!”
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“Can you climb 219 steps? If so, you can have some of the best views at the top of the lighthouse. Even if you can't, the museum and grounds are worth the visit for those who appreciate history. ”
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미국식 레스토랑
“Downtown restaurant with great dishes all made with local ingredients. They also have lots of great vegetarian and vegan options (that taste good)!”
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해산물 요리 전문점
“Great atmosphere, music almost every evening around 6pm. Specials on Tuesday and Thursdays”
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“In St. Augustine's early days, St. George Street was the main street, and today the thoroughfare is still considered the heart of the city. Here, visitors find historic attractions and some of the restaurants, galleries, bakeries and shops for which the city is famous.”
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“With 1,600 acres, including four miles of pristine beach, tidal salt marshes, and hammock preserves, Anastasia State Park has most everything a beachgoer might be looking for: sunbathing, surfing, swimming, fishing, sailboats, paddle boarding, and sailboarding. This beach boasts beautiful, white sandy beaches, a variety of birds, turtles, and other wildlife.”
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History Museum
“Lightner Museum is housed in the former Alcazar Hotel in St. Augustine built in 1888 by Henry Flagler. Today it is home to one of the finest collections of fine and decorative 19th century art in the country. This is an amazing collection of beautiful items. ”
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모던 아메리칸 음식점
“This place is located in the heart of the historic district. This place offers food and drinks, live music in an atmosphere of old time speak easy time. It is a hot spot. ”
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“If you happen to be in St. Augustine for the morning, don't miss this place. Love the charming atmosphere and the extra touches, like serving in vintage Pyrex. Great Southern breakfasts. I usually sit at the bar since I don't want to wait for the table. Can be busy.”
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공연 장소
“This is a great concert venue that hosts a variety of shows. They also have a farmers market every Saturday until 1pm. Be sure to leave your pups at home because it’s not dog friendly. ”
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“Tour highlighting the amazing architecture of the former Hotel Ponce de Leon built by Henry Flagler”
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스페인 음식점
“A St Augustine landmark in the Historic District. Spanish Food at its finest. Excellent Sangria.”
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해산물 요리 전문점
“Indoor AND outdoor seating. Good food, kid friendly and with big groups. In the heart of downtown and on the intercoastal. The garden outside seating is my favorite with strung lights above in big oak trees and sometimes live music.”
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