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“MASP is the most iconic building in Avenida Paulista and it's also the most important museus, with a collection of numerous important paintings from out the world.”
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운동 경기 및 스포츠
“Enjoy one Sao PAULO day. Another Place you "foreigners" have to put in your radar.”
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재즈 클럽
“most famous park in Sao Paulo. Nice to bike, run or check out exhibitions at Bienal building or MAM museum. ”
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“Um museu de bela arquitetura e com uma bela curadoria de exposições. A museum of beautiful architecture and a beautiful exhibition curatorium.”
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“Awesome to take your dogs, exercise, have a picnic or just hang out! Beautiful park, with a lot of events! You can rent a bike, skateboard or go for a run!”
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“Huge central market to see some exotic fruits. meats, appetizers, etc. Iconic building. Trash area but delicious food.”
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“The 2.8-kilometer long Avenida Paulista is located between the Center (the "old" city) and the West (the "modern" city) and almost predictably, the avenue looks like a perfect blend between the old and modern faces of São Paulo, with historical architecture coexisting with glass skyscrapers. The avenue is crowded day and night, with people from all ages, social classes, ethnical backgrounds, etc… In the avenue itself and in the streets surrounding it, one can find many shop galleries, restaurants, food courts, pubs, cafe's, cinemas, theaters and cultural centers, from all price ranges. But Paulista is much more than just a touristic attraction or an entertainment/shopping area. ”
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“Think about a great shopping mall with the top stores in it, great gourmet food court and top entertainment. That pretty much defines JK. It's a SP must-dos;”
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“The Shopping Pátio Higienópolis is a luxury centre frequented by São Paulo's more weathly public. The six floors of the mall were carefully designed with a central dome that allows natural lighting during most of the day. There are several cafeterias inside the mall, including Starbucks and Café do Ponto. 15 minutes walk from the property.”
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“Cool theater and oschestra concerts programation. During the day: delicious coffee and lunch.”
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Street Art
“A famous place to walk and see a lot of Brazilian graffitis, street arts, galleries, have some typical Brazilian foods and beers. ”
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“Parque Tenente Siqueira Campos, popularly known as Parque Trianon, is set in the heart of Avenida Paulista. It is a bit of the Atlantic Forest in the middle of São Paulo. A place that makes us forget that we are in the financial artery of Brazil. It is a perfect space to walk with friends and live moments of relaxation. Other than that, you may still have a chance to come across an outdoor music show. It is an excellent program for tourists and visitors passing through Paulista. Trianon Park is a trickle of the Atlantic Forest. There we can find specimens of pink araribá, cinnamon poca, cedar, jequitibá, ironwood, sapopemba, sapucaia and anglerfish, as well as abiurana, Andá-açu, camboatás, guaraiúva and tapia-guaçu. In the understory there are exotic species introduced such as Chinese palms palm and seafortia and seedlings of native species planted for floristic enrichment. A total of 135 species were recorded, of which 8 are endangered, such as cabreúva, chichá and palmito-jussara. The Park Fauna is curious. With the exception of arachnids and the tree frog, anuran endemic amphibian species of the Atlantic Forest, it can be said that the animal diversity of the Park is composed only of winged beings (flying animals), two species of butterflies, seven bats and 28 of birds, represented by cat-souls, pitiguari, kiri-kiri, yellow-tailed and tamarin. Yellow-throated Sanhaçu and Black-backed Thrush are the endemic of the biome. During its migration, the Blacksmith makes a "stop" in the Park, and can be detected by the metallic timbre singing. Noteworthy are the tiger butterflies, whose wings with orange and yellow stripes on a black background resemble a tiger. Schedule: Daily from 6am to 6pm.”
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“The first shopping mall in Latin America is also one of the most famous in the city. It brings together 330 national and imported stores and attracts a daily average of 48,000 people. The Christian Louboutin boutique, for example, is not found in any other shopping center in Brazil. Also there are the first stores of brands such as Gucci and DVF - Diane Von Furstenberg in the national territory. To complete the program, take a break at the building's good restaurants, such as Rodeio and Ritz. Although not as close as the Higienópolis mall, if you like to look at luxury designer stores going to this place is a must. In addition to beautiful people, coffee shops and more. From the building it is very easy to go by bus or uber. Schedule: Monday to Saturday from 10am to 10pm Sunday from 11am to 10pm. You must take a transportation to get here. I sugeest Uber.”
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“Small, fun and in a perfect place. A pleasant walk to get there. The restaurant is great. And there are two other nice places to visit: MUBE a Fundação Ema Klabin. ”
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Women's Store
“Huge mall, where you're certain to find whatever it is you are looking for. More affordable than luxury brands.”
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“Bourbom Shopping satisfies many different people. It offers attractions for children, teens, young and old people. There are good restaurants as Outback and America, fast food restaurants, cafeterias and fashion shops as Adidas, Zara, Forever 21, among others.  There is also a big supermarket which offers many products of excellent quality. In addition, people also may have fun going to the movies, or watching a show in Bradesco Theatre.”
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“Huge central market to see some exotic fruits. meats, appetizers, etc. Iconic building. Trash area but delicious food.”
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“Always busy, 24hrs bakery, nice comfort food and supermarket, also perfect for people watching.”
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이탈리아 레스토랑
“most iconic rooftop in downtown sao Paulao, where you should have a caipirinha (braziian famous drink) while appreciating stunning SP skyscrappers view”
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이탈리아 레스토랑
“Trattoria offering weighs & pay antipasti, decorated with cheese & wine hanging from the ceiling.”
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“Located in downtown São Paulo, inside the Copan Building, Dona Onça Bar has been in place for over ten years and is one of the most sought after places to gather friends for a nice lunch, dinner or a happy hour. In the kitchen, chef Janaína Rueda mixes stories and ingredients from every corner of Brazil, with her traditional cooked in the pressure cooker. Have 1  Michelin star. The place is the greenery meaning to bring together the classic portions of pub and dishes of the characteristic of popular Brazilian cuisine. It is the effervescence of flavors and culture with contemporary look. It is very close to the building. On leaving the building take your left and left again on Consolation street. Go down 500 meters and you'll be almost there. It's good to arrive early. Schedule: Monday to Wednesday from 12 to 1130pm. Wednesday to Saturday from 12 to 00 Sunday from 12 to 5pm ”
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브라질 레스토랑
“Enjoy pork at its best! Chef Jefferson Rueda, a native of São José do Rio Pardo, takes the tastes and flavours of his youth and reinterprets them using contemporary techniques and eye-catching presentation. The welcoming setting is a combination of a bar, restaurant and small market. Don't miss out on the sushi of pork jowl and the delicious Porco a San Zé, roasted for 8 hours in a special wood-fired churrasqueira. They don't take reservations, so customers are seated in the order they arrive. It is 500 metres from the bulding. Leaving the building take your left and then left again. Go down Consolação street for about 10 minutes and you will be very close. Arrive early. Schedule: Monday to Saturday from 12 to 10pm Sunday from 12 to 5pm”
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“Go to this bar to meet some locals and enjoy live Brazilian music. The food is good but the vibe and energy is what makes you want to stay forever. ”
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“My favorite cinema in São Paulo. Last Sunday of the month you can buy a ticket for a movie, breakfast and have a good start with a French movie choose by Alliance francesa ”
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