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관광에서부터 현지인만 아는 멋진 장소까지, 그 지역에 정통한 현지인의 도움으로 각 도시의 매력을 깊이 있게 체험해 보세요.

“You can't miss the Dom. It is totally worth it to climb the 533 steps to reach the top of the Dom. Breathtaking view and gothic architecture.”
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“Find out, why it’s called the „Longest bar in the world“ :) Lots of pubs and restaurants ”
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“Of course, a must see as it is the most famous spot in the city. However, I recommend you to not waste your money on paying admission to walk up the tower as the view is not great and pretty smelly up there.”
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길거리 음식
“The Champs Elysee of Düsseldorf. A huge green boulevard full of shops (most of them pretty expensive).”
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“After getting some food in one of the many restaurants at the "Aachener Straße" starting at "Rudolfplatz", you can enjoy the good weather and take a short walk around the tiny lake.”
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“most famous museum in NRW. Amazing collection of modern and contemporary art.”
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“Follow Ehrenstraße up Breite Str. (Dom) or down Maastrichter Str. (Belgian quarter) to find Arts- and Bookstores, Cafés, Fashion stores and Souvenirs”
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도보 광장
“It is at Neumarkt, there you will find all major clothing brands (ZARA, H&M, Appelrath&Cüpper, Peek&Cloppenburg and many more) as well as numerous shoe retails...”
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“This one is a must! Unesco World Heritage or simply an astoundingly beautiful park. Every Sunday and Wednesday at 2:30 p.m., you can watch tons of water running down the cascades.”
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“The chocolate museum educates about the history of chocolate and displays the production of chocolate from the cacao tree to the finished product. And of course,​ you can taste the chocolate as well.”
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History Museum
“its a beautiful open air museum of the history of dutch living. definitely a recommendation. Also great outing with kids. ”
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History Museum
“UNESCO World Heritage Site, lots of museums and a great place to lean about the region.”
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“The Belgian district is a very lively place with lots of small shops, cafes and bars. It's just a nice place to walk around and enjoy the street-life.”
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햄버거 전문점
“Honestly the best burger I have ever had. If you want a burger - don't look anywhere else. As a solid food choice - give it a try, it'll be better than many other choices and cuisine options.”
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“The point where the Rhine and Moselle Rivers meet. I'd recommend walking here then taking the cable car up the fortress. ”
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이벤트 공간
“Modern museum with a fantastic glass dome and a former residence of the German state parliament.”
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