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관광에서부터 현지인만 아는 멋진 장소까지, 그 지역에 정통한 현지인의 도움으로 각 도시의 매력을 깊이 있게 체험해 보세요.
“몰 오브 아시아 9nine 하우스 5분 소요 필리핀 마닐라 몰 오브 아시아는 2006년에 문을 연 필리핀에서 가장 큰 쇼핑몰이며 600여 개의 상점이 들어서 있으며 식당만도 150개에 이른다. 건물의 층수로 볼 때는 2개의 층밖에 안되지만 면적이 매우 넓다. 몰 오브 아시아를 위에서 내려다보면 아이스링크와 푸드코트를 비롯하여 주요 개별 매장이 다 모여 있는 메인 몰, 뮤직홀과 SM 시네마와 많은 식당가가 모여 있는 엔터테인먼트몰, SM department store가 있는 South wing, SM hypermarket이 있는 North wing까지 총 4곳으로 나눌 수 있다.”
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Cultural Center
“Intramuros is a city in the Philippines capital Manila that is completely surrounded by walls. During the Spanish colonial period, the Philippines was ruled by Spanish authorities from Intramuros.   Send tilbakemelding Logg Lagret Fellesskap ”
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“A large upscale shopping mall that’s full of amazing branded shops, world-class cinemas, vast rooftop gardens and so much more!”
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만두 전문점
“This gigantic mall at the centre of Ortigas is a must visit place. An experience indoors you may never have from other malls. Be early only as parking though huge, due to popularity, is becoming difficult. ”
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“Rizal Park or Luneta, is a historical urban park dedicated to Dr. Jose Rizal, the Philippine national hero.”
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“You will find here a cluster of cafes, restaurants, shops, park and everything else you need for shopping and eating. They usually have a weekend market in High street where you can sample filipino delicasies, fashion and art.”
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“Address: Paseo De Roxas St. Cor Makati Ave. Cor Ayala Ave. Makati, 1209 Visit the Ayala Triangle Gardens and enjoy a moment in this contemporary oasis. A 20,000 sq.m populated by over hundred of trees .”
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“Century City Mall is the mall of modern Makati, a remarkable, world-class shopping and entertainment complex with a vibrant range of shops, services, and restaurants – and the most cutting-edge cinemas in Metro Manila. Young parents can drop off their kids at Kidzoona, friends can catch a movie at the cinemas, or simply enjoy dinner at Hole in the Wall, one of the first modern Food Halls in Metro Manila.”
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Science Museum
“Science comes alive at J.Y. Campos Park, Third Avenue, kids will enjoy and learn from 250+ playful and interactive exhibits in the Atom, Life, Earth, Universe and Technology galleries. ”
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중식 레스토랑
“9nine house 숙소 5분소요 마닐라 시내중심 마닐라 호텔과 하버뷰 근방 리잘 파크 맞은편에 있는 이곳은 2008년 개장 이후 마닐라를 찾는 많은 사람들의 사랑을 받고 있다. 싱가폴의 센토사 해양 공원, 홍콩 아쿠아리움보다 큰 규모의 대형 수족관을 시작으로 H2O호텔과 쇼핑센터가 함께 구성되어 있다. 중앙 홀 우측에 있는 오셔나리룸(Oceanarium)에서는 다양한 어종과 함께 신비한 바닷속 세계를 느껴 볼 수 있다. 오셔나리움 관람 이외에도 다양한 체험활동을 할 수 있어 마닐라의 레저 및 놀이공간으로서 입지를 굳히고 있다. 입장료 Oceanarium 입장료 성인 400 아동 350 Php 체험활동 닥터피쉬 체험(20분) 120 Php 보트 라이딩 150 Php 아쿠아너트(잠수 체험) 995 Php 마닐라 공항에서 공항택시로는 200페소 일반택시는 약 120페소 정도이다 ”
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“The ultimate Makati shopping destination. You will surely enjoy not only the shops, but also the restaurants, bars, cinemas and amusement centers. Ayala Center, Ayala Avenue corner Pasay Road, Makati Avenue and EDSA, Makati”
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“Enjoy World-Class Entertainment with Family and Friends at the Philippine's Most Luxurious Resort, Hotel & Casino.”
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“Stroll around this Bonifacio High Street any time with your family and friends and I am sure you will love the surroundings. You will find great places to shop and eat! Great for relaxing too at sun down... I find this area THE BEST during night time.”
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“Greenbelt Mall is only a 6 minute drive from the property. Greenbelt Mall, a complex of five contemporary buildings. What is truly unique about this mall is that each section (Greenbelt 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5) has its own style of architecture and features. Greenbelt 1 still has its own quaint little retail shops but is more concentrated on electronics and home appliances. Greenbelt 2 is comprised of fine dining restaurants. Greenbelt 3 has high- end retail shops on the ground floor, and coffee shops that have become the favorite hangout place for many coffee lovers. Exclusive retail stores include: Hermes, Calvin Klein, Kate Spade, Marks and Spencer, Kenneth Cole, Lacoste and more. The second floor has restaurant, bookshops and more. There are connecting walkways from Greenbelt 3 and 4 to Landmark and Glorietta. The cinemas are located in Greenbelt 3. Greenbelt 4 is small compared to Greenbelt 3. The space accommodate the shops of Louie Vuitton, Salvatore Ferregamo, Jimmy Choo, Balenciaga, Prada, Bulgari, Charriol, Gucci and other higher-end shops. Greenbelt 5’s main feature are the shops of top-caliber Filipino designers though there are also imported high end shops like Patek Philippe, Rolex, Panerai, Zara, Yves Saint Laurent, Banana Republic, Liz Clairborne, Paul Smith, Balenciaga and more. There are restaurants of all kinds and types at Greenbelt 2, 3,and 5. For fast food dining, Greenbelt 1 is the place to be. The Greenbelt Mall has a hodgepodge of clienteles. Though middle income can easily afford fine dining and some branded items at the mall, only the rich and moneyed can afford to buy the upper scale store merchandise, like $1000 handbags, without batting an eyelash. Hours: The mall is open every day. Shops open at 10:00 A.M. and close at 10:00 P.M. Coffee shops at the courtyard are open most days 24/7. Parking is not a problem.”
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“Step into a world of indulgence at the premier integrated resort in Manila, where unparalleled experiences in gaming, entertainment, dining, and leisure awaits.”
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“Another huge shopping mall just found adjacent to SM Aura. It has plenty of stores, a food court, a cinema, a laser game center, and so much more. ”
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인기 레스토랑

일본 레스토랑
“It is a small compound in the bustling Makati, where Filipinos can get a taste of authentic Japanese food without having to leave the country. There are 13 restaurants offering delicious servings of Japanese food that are close to the real thing. Each has an extensive menu and their own specialty”
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기타 클럽 및 바
“The venue of choice for the young. Dress code is more dressed down than your typical club. Gives you the island vibe in the heart of the city.”
  • 현지인 27명이 추천하는 곳
“They have good food for any time of the day, from brunch to dinner and dessert. Their coffee is good too. ”
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“A small French/American cafe and bakery that specialized in all-day breakfast and lunch.”
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“Same street as Greenbelt Excelsior, this is a great spot for food and to grab some drinks!”
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“If you really are hungry and you want to go out with your friends who have different taste palettes you have to go here. One the best buffets I've ever been.”
  • 현지인 14명이 추천하는 곳
“Locavore serves locally grown and produced Filipino dishes with a French touch from Chef Mikel Zaguirre. Their sugpo con mayesa is one of their must-tries along with their sizzling sinigang, and lechon and oyster sisig.”
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“A bar located in the 71st floor of Gramercy. Walking distance from the unit.”
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