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“Great for shopping and eating. There is a wine bar and an African cuisine restaurant, Moyo, among many others.”
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Point of Interest
“The cultural hub of Maboneng, this multi-use facility was once a series of dilapidated buildings that have been renovated, connected and turned into an atrium of smaller galleries, shops, and cafés. Come by around brunch time on a Sunday when the food market is set up.”
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“I hesitate to mention shopping malls but Rosebank is the best of the bunch. There's some nice places to grab a breakfast whilst you do some shopping. ”
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Sublocality Level 1
“Commonly known as The Parks, this collection of neighbouring suburbs in Johannesburg – Parktown North, Parkview and Parkhurst – is also known by inhabitants as ‘The Island’. Although it covers quite a large area, it’s more like a series of villages. There is a prevailing sense of privacy and intimacy, as if all this stylishness is separate from the outside world. The Parks are the inner, historic suburbs of Jozi, where shopping malls seem not to exist. And, as it would be on an island, the area is self-sufficient. Locals – artists and crafters, writers and those in the media – walk or cycle to ‘the shops’ on a Saturday morning to buy necessities and, perchance, a little collectible for the home. Weekends often include an amble around Zoo Lake or Delta Park and long, lazy lunches. Trademarks are the historic buildings – grand old houses and cottages lovingly manicured – and that very few structures loom above the tallest trees in the area, the hub of the biggest urban forest in the world. It’s easy to walk from one village to the next, to shop at specialty boutiques, award-winning butchers, famous bakers and just about anything and everything your tasteful heart desires. If you were to wander down 7th Avenue in Parktown North, past interesting shops and galleries housed in homes built when Joburg was not even a teenager, you’d get to your first temptation, award-winning The Local Grill. Voted as the best steakhouse in SA at the 2011 Eat Out Restaurant Awards, this carnivore’s delight serves well-aged meat in a variety of cuts with a wide choice of sides. Diagonally opposite, and in keeping with the meat-loving theme, is Wombles Steakhouse Restaurant. The Zimbabwean couple that runs the restaurant has a reputation for top-notch know-how in the restaurant business. Wombles serves generous cuts of juicy meat as the main focus on their extensive menu, which is complemented by a similarly all-embracing wine list. Moema’s hides at the back of the Parktown Quarter next door. It’s worth searching for, as you will be rewarded with fabulous pâtisserie, a fresh salad bar, crave-worthy cakes and pies. (They do takeaways, too.) Also in the Parktown Quarter is The Foundry. You’ll need to book well ahead for this trendy spot, (which should give you enough time to cultivate a respectable crop of facial hair), but for the most part, the moreish bistro food is worth the wait. Also in one of these old Parktown North homes is stalwart chef-patron Ciro Molinaro and his restaurant, Cucina di Ciro. His Mediterranean-flavoured dishes are legendary, drawing locals and visitors alike. A long lunch on the veranda is always an excellent option here.”
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“Popular among art connoisseurs as well as people who appreciate creative expression - Everard Read houses Africa’s most important sculptures and is one of the most respected galleries in South Africa, housing noteworthy collections by highly acclaimed local and international artists. ”
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기타 클럽 및 바
“Our local, diverse neighbourhood with various entertainment and food options.”
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재즈 클럽
“A live music venue with shows 4 nights a week. The food is overpriced and not very good; eat before you go and stick with drinks and music. ”
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“Inspired by similar developments like Box Park in London’s Shoreditch, 27 Boxes, a shipping container shopping development in Melville, has transformed a disused park into 80 boutique stores and restaurant and kiosk spaces geared towards starter entrepreneurs, from fashion designers to chefs, jewellers, artists, interior designers and baristas and bakers. The emphasis of many of the stores is on local design and local production and you will often find that the friendly face behind the counter is also the person who handmade the unique items that you are buying. A quirky alternative to Joburg's mega mall scene.”
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Other Event
“The doyen of political theatre in South Africa the Market has a programme of new, innovating and challenging theatre every month that is well worth experiencing.”
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Rental Car Location
“Rent a car from Avis or Budget car rentals in Sandton. Hope on to the Gautrain from Sandton Gautrain Station for faster travels to OR Tambo International airport, Pretoria, Rosebank and Johannesburg City Centre. Order an Uber taxi or Taxify services for travels within the surroundings as public transport is not readily available.”
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“The Gautrain runs from Rosebank and all the car rental firms are represented here.”
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“Trendy street with a variety of restaurants to choose from. Restaurants, cafes, bars”
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“The City Sightseeing Red Bus Tour is a great way to see the city, hop on, hop off. Pay the driver, no need for a ticket office.”
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아프리카 레스토랑
“Fabulous ambiance and food. Exceptional wine license and gin bar. Go at sunset and grab a seat in the bar to sip your champagne.”
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“The Whippet serves the best early breakfast and lunches. Not open for dinner.”
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“Greenside's hub is Green Square where interior design shops rub shoulders with art colleges, pavement cafés and Paco, arguably the best carpet shop in the city. Just down the hill from Greenside is Emmarentia Dam, one of Johannesburg's most loved stretches of water. Together with the neighbouring Johannesburg Botanical Gardens, it stretches over 81ha. Walk along beside the dam in the early morning or evening and watch canoeists, kayakers and anglers, as well as small yachts, skidding across the surface. There are always people on the banks indulging in South Africa's favorite outdoor pastime – the great South African braai.”
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