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관광에서부터 현지인만 아는 멋진 장소까지, 그 지역에 정통한 현지인의 도움으로 각 도시의 매력을 깊이 있게 체험해 보세요.

“Great place to walk around and sight-see. Walk the water's edge or follow the trails to the forested interior and view some of the remaining artillery batteries on the property. This is a large park, approximately 75 hectares, and a good amount of parking. In the summer, Shakespeare by the Sea is held in the park, which is a live outdoor theater production.”
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“oldest fort in North America, fought over by the British and French. worth a visit for the view and the living history. amazing place for a concert, but this doesn't happen very often!”
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“formal Victorian gardens, largest in North America - wander through and forget you are in the middle of the city.... you are welcome!”
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Farmers Market
“over 250 local artisans and food vendors right on the Halifax Waterfront. A great way to spend a few hours, tasting local foods and viewing art and local treasures.”
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모던 아메리칸 음식점
“This is a gem of a restaurant. Food is local, seasonal and prepared to perfection. The cocktails and wine selection are wonderful. The best staff - friendly and kind. This is a neighbourhood gem.”
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“nestled on the Halifax Waterfront, this museum takes you through sea life and maritime history.”
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“Exclusive shopping located in one central location. Recently named one of the best malls in the country. Over 170 stores and services. Approximately 15 minute drive into the city.”
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이탈리아 레스토랑
“Contemporary Italian food, in Bishop's Landing right on the Halifax waterfront. ”
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“Less than thirty minutes drive. Visit Peir 21 immigration museum. Tasty beaver tales and poutine at one of the Waterfront Stalls our restaurants”
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미술 갤러리
“located in downtown Halifax. Featuring an exhibition of Maud Lewis paintings and many other exhibits as well.”
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피자 전문점
“Featured on the Food Network's "You Gotta Eat Here". Nestled in the district known as the Hydrostone, with a few little shops and other restaurants.”
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History Museum
“exhibits of natural sciences, artifacts, and culture including Mi’kmaq artifacts.”
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“If you are going to explore downtown Dartmouth, start or end here. Great coffee and the BEST croissants! I highly recommend the chocolate, but you will also be tempted by the daily special. ”
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“This place falls under the food and cocktail scene. Only a 2 minute walk around the block.”
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“Small, but with an excellent staff who are excellent at helping people with an interest in the history of Immigration in Canada. Nearby Farmers market, and access to the boardwalk along the harbor this is a fantastic destination”
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“That's MicMacMall across the lake! It's a 1.5k walk on the sidewalk across the street, turn left. Or a very quick drive. Also, at the bus stop across the street get on the 55 and it will take you direct to MicMacMall ... 3 minutes tops.”
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