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Come enjoy an oasis in the middle of Salt Lake City--a 200 sq. ft. Tinyhaven, with (mostly) modern amenities, ultimate coziness, and easy access to city attractions, mountain activities, and ski slopes.

The 200 sq. ft. space is cozy, yet surprisingly spacious. It's great for a one-person getaway, or a two person stay if you don't mind close quarters. ;) There are two loft spaces, one is the bedroom, and one is a smaller loft space above the entry door. The kitchen has a small refrigerator, and a gas burning stove + oven. Even though it looks like a mini oven, it can still fit 2 full sheet pans, and the range has four burners. There is no dishwasher, but there is a drying rack and dish soap.

Please note:

The bedroom is accessed by a rolling ladder, so please be sure you and any other guests staying are comfortable navigating a ladder.

Before we confirm your booking, please watch the video on YouTube titled--"Composting Toilets: How Do They Work?"--for an overview of the composting toilet. The tinyhome has running water (hot and cold) for the kitchen sink and shower; but the toilet is a waterless composting toilet. If that is something you're not comfortable using, then please do not book. The toilet will be cleaned between each booking, and you will be responsible for either emptying out the liquids tank, or asking me to do so in a timely manner. We can talk more about it, if you have any further questions.

That said, if you get to experience a snow storm or a rain storm while in the tiny house, I can guarantee you... it is pure heaven!! Light a candle, bring a book, and cozy up... it's my absolute favorite!

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Millcreek에서 7박

2023년 2월 26일 - 2023년 3월 5일

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Millcreek, 유타, 미국

Tucked away within a "normal" looking neighborhood is this delightful Tinyhaven. I spent 2.5 years living in this tinyhome, and will be present upon check in to help guide you to your stay, and give you the tour. The tinyhome is situated in a family's backyard, complete with chickens, fruit trees, and a babbling brook that runs during the warmer months.

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Molly님은 슈퍼호스트입니다.

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