Lover's unit at MPlace, South Triangle + Pool View


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- 1 Queen Bed 🛏
- 1 Toilet/Shower 🚽🚿
- Playstation 3 🎮
- Smart TV 📺
- Airconditioned ❄🥶
- Netflix 📺
- Microwave 🍳
- Fast Internet Speed 💻

- Nearby shops like Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Savemore Supermarket, 7-11, and many more.

Located at Mplace Tower D, Panay avenue Brgy. South Triangle Quezon City near ABSCBN

Guest will have to buy pool access if they want at the admin for 150/pax

기타 주의사항
Upon booking this listing you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:
1. Reservation fee is non-refundable.
2. The guest/s must be fully paid upon check-in.
3. Cancellation Policy: Refer to the cancellation policy or this listing.
4. Security Deposit Policy: A cash deposit of ₱1000 will be required upon check-in. This deposit is fully refundable upon check-out if not utilized and the host didn't encounter any issues during the stay of the guest/s.
5. The host reserves the right to terminate a booking or offer different listing if there are circumstances that caused for the unavailability of the unit.
6. The host reserves the right to terminate a booking immediately with notice to the guest and without any liability to the guest or any third party.
7. The host reserves the right to ask the guest to leave the property immediately if the guest/s shows any aggressive behavior or extreme dislike to the listing without any refund.
8. The guest must inspect the listing thoroughly upon check-in with the attendance of the care taker to check if there are any problems within the listing, in the instance that there are issue/s after the turn-over of the keys, the host is not be liable to fix, repair or to attend to the issue/s thus, the guest will be held accountable if there are damage or issues that is identified by the care taker after the guest/s booking.
9. The host reserves the right to terminate the booking without refund if the guest/s were reported to show disrespectful manners towards the host, neighbors and the care taker. This include host being alarmed by the neighbors by the loud noise inside the leased premises.
10. Smoking is not allowed inside the unit, however designated smoking areas can be asked to the care taker upon check in.
11. The guest/s is expected to practice CLAYGO policy (CLean As You Go) in order to maintain cleanliness. The host reserves the right to deny the return of security deposit if the guest/s upon check out didn’t practice CLAYGO, for instance leaving unwashed dishes, unmopped trails of shoes and/or leaving stains on the mattress and beddings.
12. The guest/s must not disturb other condominium tenants or staff; instead they will contact their host if they have any concern.
13. The guest/s understands that the parking is not part of the listing and the host is not responsible on any issue or damages occurred to the car/s of the guest/s during their stay and in case that the guest/s have a car they can park at the commercial parking lot.
14. The host reserves the right to decline a booking of a guest without refund if the guest/s bring additional guest that are not counted in the booking.
15. The design and decorations in the leased premises are subject for approval, failure to submit designs will forfeit the security deposit. (Strictly no pins or nails, confetti is also not allowed.)
16. The guest/s agrees to surrender their valid government ID and the security deposit upon check in. The security deposit will be used to cover for any untoward incidents or violation of house rules that have occurred during the guest/s stay in the listing premises.
17. The guest/s must not clog any drainage, sink, laboratory, basin or the toilet with vomit, toilet papers, napkins or anything that will harm the pipelines. The guest/s is also expected to inspect the drainage before check-in. If there are problems that occur during the stay of the guest their security deposit are forfeited.
18. The unit management and condominium management doesn't have any liability for any health related problems encountered by the guest/s during their stay.
19. The guest/s are expected to drink alcohol responsibly, any damages and issues occurred will be charged to the guest/s by forfeiting the security deposit and replacing any damaged items or paying penalty for any violation committed to the condominium association.
20. The guest/s understands that the host is not responsible for any inconvenience caused by external parties or unforeseen circumstances such as pool maintenance or loss of internet connection or electric disruption.
21. The guest/s understands that the host will not provide towels as it increases the risk of cross contamination.
22. In accordance to IATF guidelines temperature of a guest/s reaching 37.4 and above upon check in or check out will forfeit the reservation/security deposit without refund.
23. The guest/s is expected to wear face shield and face mask upon check in and check out.
24. The guest/s that is engaging in any illegal activities will result to termination of the booking and the guest will not receive any refund.
25. The guest/s understands that loud noises after 10pm are considered as a disturbance to the neighbors, if the host was called upon by the management or by the neighbors past 10pm in the evening. The guest will receive a penalty of ₱500 and a warning, the second time that the host is called upon the booking is automatically terminated and the guest/s will be asked to leave the listing immediately without any refunds.
26. FULL AGREEMENT: This terms and conditions constitutes and embodies the entire and the entirety of the agreement between the parties of the host and the guest and no other condition, verbal or otherwise, not expressly contained herein, will effect, change, be added or altered in writing.

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퀘존 시티(Quezon City), 메트로 마닐라, 필리핀

호스트: Atlast님

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Hi! I am hosting here at Airbnb check out my units which are located at Quezon City.
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