Liberty Siena Flat ( New Apt 3 )


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Bright and elegant apartment located on the second floor of an ancient Sienese noble palace, located in the center of the city: '' I Terzi '', in fact, represents the original center of the city, from which the three historic districts that make up the area develop. Above the '' Piazzetta i Terzi '', stands the '' Bear tower 'owned by Gallerani, attested since 1226 which, at that time housed the bells of the Municipality, used to convoke the army and citizenship in case of alarm

Bright apartment, including a large room, kitchen, bathroom and a small entrance. Located on the second floor of a condominium building.
The accommodation, as shown in the photographic description, overlooks a courtyard inside the building, while the two large windows of the room look directly to the ancient Tower.
The Piazza del Campo and the Duomo are five and ten minutes away

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In the Tuscan city of Siena, each of the three historical subdivisions of the city within the medieval walls are called thirds. They are: the Terzo di Camollìa, the Terzo di Città and the Terzo di San Martino. The various districts are inserted within the thirds.
While the Terzo di Città developed already in the early Middle Ages, the Terzi di Camollia and San Martino remained at the village stadium for centuries. It is no coincidence that when the ancient games prior to the modern Palio began to take place in Siena, such as Elmora and Pugna, the peoples of the Terzi of Camollia and San Martino competed together against that of the Terzo di Città .
Only from the 11th century, with the growing importance of the Via Francigena, did the Terzi di Camollia and San Martino experience significant development, falling within the general expansion of the city center and going to merge urbanistically with the Terzo di Città around to the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.
In the Middle Ages, soldiers of the Republic of Siena recruited by military companies were framed within the Terzi.


The Orsa tower, owned by the Gallerani, has been attested since 1226 and at that time housed the bells of the Municipality, used among other things to summon the army. It is said that in 1252 they played for this for 28 consecutive days. The Municipality paid the owners a rent both for the bells and because prisoners were sometimes held there. The tower, being in the center of the city (in the "term", that is, on the border of the three Terzi) was the most suitable place because they could be heard from all sides.

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