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Paddle Alabama’s Best Kept Secret

Paddle Alabama’s Best Kept Secret

Duration:총 2.5시간
Includes:음식, 음료, 장비
Languages:언어에 상관없이 즐길 수 있는 체험

I am a life long captain and estuarial instructor with 25 years of experience giving tours both on boats and kayaks. I’ve spent 7 years developing and directing an environmental education program on Wolf Bay. I love sharing my knowledge of this beautiful area with people whenever I am given the chance.


Come join me on the head waters of Wolf Bay for a fun, beautiful, and educational tour on both paddleboards and kayaks. You will board from our beautiful private location and paddle through the uncrowded peaceful Estuary. This is where the salt and fresh water meet and we will explore the unique waters hidden beneath the majestic juniper and oak trees. Throughout the tour you will be immersed in…

제공 항목

Fresh fruit in season will be provided.
Ice cold bottled water is provided throughout the entire trip.
야외 장비 및 안전 장비
Paddleboards, kayaks, paddles, and life jackets.

Any additional drinks you wish to bring

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방문 장소

Paddling through the winding creek waters, we will come upon a secluded swimming hole under the Juniper trees to stop and swim. Later we will make a stop on a nearby sandbar to use the seine net and see what we can catch! We will finish the day at our private location for a quick swim and a bite of fresh fruit.

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10월 22일 화요일    experiences.shared.date_and_time.time_range

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환불 정책

모든 체험은 예약 후 24시간 이내에 취소 및 전액 환불이 가능합니다.

커뮤니케이션 관련 정책

항상 에어비앤비를 통해 대화하세요. 안전한 결제를 위해 에어비앤비 웹사이트나 앱 외부에서 송금하거나 대화를 나누지 마세요.

게스트 필수조건

최대 10명, 만 3세 이상만 참석 가능
Paddle Alabama’s Best Kept Secret
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