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Atlanta is well known for its film and entertainment industry, but did you also know it is known as a city in a forest? Well it is! There are a lot of gems you would never know about. We will explore one these beautiful gems. This is approximately a 2 mile easy moderate hike along a beautiful creek. The views include an old mill, some ruins, 2 waterfalls, a covered bridge and more! You will feel like you are far away from the city!

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에어비앤비 호스팅 시작 연도: 2015년
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I visited in Atlanta for the first time in 2015, fell in love with the city and moved here eight months later and have loved it since! I love being outdoors have and have explored most of the beautiful trails nearby yet there is still more to explore! I am out exploring somewhere every week!
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The Roswell Mill. Use the address provided, it will take you straight to the parking lot. You should see a covered bridge below the parking lot.

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2021년 6월
Thank you so much for our experience! As someone who loves outdoors but has never hiked before she made it a one of a kind experience. She has a great energy and enthusiasm about hiking and life. We would love to do another hike with her in the future. She has a true love and passion for it and it shows. You WILL NOT be disappointed!! 12 out if 10 recommend!!

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Water, snacks, proper attire for hiking