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First of all you can choose your mountain bike, I will adapt the seat height and the pressure of the suspension for you, then we will take a bike path to get to a mountain bike trail, we start with a small forest and then we arrive at the side of the lake, and we will enjoy a lot of the beauty of nature, even storks and other animals too.

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    natural orange juice
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My name is Hamza, I am a professional mechanic of all types of bikes, I worked with the most known association of Geneva which is called "peclot 13", during almost 10 years, we organized several demonstrations for the self-repair ( to teach people how to repair their bikes), I have been working for 8 years in the pecala bike shop in Rabat, and we have organized several events for cyclists in Rabat.
Rabat is my hometown I knew it very well as well as salé, I lived in old city between hassan and oudaya, and I know these neighborhood very well
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I will show you the countryside of Rabat, a place full of charm, with the lake that passes by and the passage of water everywhere, stork's nest and many domestic animals.

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2021년 9월
I had an excellent time on the bike tour hosted by Hamza and Najib. The route taken was filled with nature and was split with a half-time snack & tea break. Highly recommended !!
2021년 9월
If you like cycling but you’re unsure if you can handle mountain biking, don’t hesitate to take this tour! You won’t regret it! Hamza and a few of his friends took us to a really neat trail through some farmland close to Rabat. You have to ride some city streets for about 15 minutes, but then you leave traffic and ride through the countryside for about an hour. The trail is flat and not challenging. It’s more of a trail ride than mountain biking, but that’s perfect for anyone who wants to see some nature but doesn’t have any technical mountain biking skills. Mint tea comes included in the tour. When the tea kettle broke on the ride, Hamza took us to a cafe on the way home and bought a round of tea there. This is a really neat experience.
2019년 2월
Une expérience unique...nous avons passe une mâtiné très agréable en compagnie de Youssef et Hamza.. Le circuit est magnifique et très bien choisi, tu te sens dépayse et en pleine nature en étant au milieu de Rabat!! tu te ressource et tu reviens plein d’énergie même après avoir fait du vélo en montant!!
2020년 1월
It was a unique experience and got nice exercise. Nice try

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