Sunday Seochon Yoga and Walk

종로구, 한국

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Make your Sunday blissful with yoga and walk in Seochon!

Class is led in English, open mainly for beginners and intermediate yoga practitioners.

We take a walk together after yoga class around Seochon or Inwang mountain. On this guided tour, we will spot and explore hidden gems in this neighborhood. Find some restaurants as well as cute and unique shops!



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에어비앤비 호스팅 시작 연도: 2014년
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As a local around this area, I like exploring hidden beauties around this neighborhood. Exploring new things and sharing what I love around this neighborhood is what makes me happy as well as what I feel passionate about.

Also as a yoga practitioner, sharing yoga is what I feel passionate about as well.
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방문 장소

Korea's traditional house Hanok in one of local neighborhoods near Gyeongbok Palace. Perfect location to enjoy yoga and meditation with bookstore-like atmosphere and yoga props.

As this place is adjacent to major historic sites (palaces and ancient alters), mountain, and food & cafe district, there are so many things to explore.

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2021년 10월
Jongwon is a wonderful yoga teacher, especially for an out-of-shape beginner like myself. We did the yoga outdoors, and that was a fantastic experience. She definitely adapted her teaching to my needs and (limited) skills. We connected well, and I would love to take a class with her again. Worthwhile and special!

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