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Learn to use the wing chun wooden dummy from a real wing chun kung fu master!

As seen in countless movies portrayed by Ip Man, Jacky Chan, Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Chow Yun Fat, Sammo Hung, Robert Downey Jr. & more!

We will teach you some fundamental concepts of the wooden dummy and how to use it. At the end, you will have learned a short and fun sequence of techniques that you can perform to impress your friends.

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에어비앤비 호스팅 시작 연도: 2018년
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I've written the best selling wing chun books on the market, teach professionally, am an international judge and am widely respected in the wing chun industry.

My students and I have have won gold medals at international competitions, including forms such as the wooden dummy.

I enjoy teaching and meeting new people and have had many people already enjoy experiencing the wooden dummy. The video of the performance we take makes a great addition to this already fun and interesting experience.
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Learn the wooden dummy in Atlanta's largest traditional kung fu school.

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2021년 11월
What an amazing experience! Wayne is such a knowledgeable and welcoming person. Whether this is for a family or a date or a team building event, you'll enjoy your time. He was also so kind and do a tea ceremony for us which was just like the ones I did in China. If you want to do something unique and new, this is it!
2021년 11월
Highly Recommend meeting in person the opportunity to get any training here is priceless

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