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Amsterdam is a well known skateboarding destination in Europe and has a very good scene in this sport, our class will start at the skatepark, with participants getting all the tips and safety for this and little by little with my help, go ahead on the skateboard and have a great experience in this sport, no matter what your age or skills let's have fun

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    Skateboard and helmet, safety gear opcional

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I want to share whit you over twenty years os experience in board sports, former professional skater, surfer and yoga teacher nowadays i'm a skateboard teacher for seven years so our class will be made in one method completely safe for beginners and proven by several students, if you are already a skater for some time contact me to explore all the skateboard spots in the region
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Skatepark Marnixstraat 44, 1015 or Marnix bowl is a legendary bowl skated by professional like Tony Hawk and Pedro Barros but also a very good place to learn the firsts grinds and carving

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