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A hiking trail in the middle of the capital of jamaica, not far from the city is the secret hills of Mountain springs. It has a scenic view of the capital and a natural spring available for view only. This trail is not available out side of monitored trips and promises to be an island treasure often missed.

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에어비앤비 호스팅 시작 연도: 2019년
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I am a native of the area and highly trained in guiding you on the wonderful experience in nature. I love taking this journey as it brings me grate peace and it makes me excited to share it with others looking for that scenic view.
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최저가 $10/인


방문 장소

This trail is noting but nature and beautiful scenery all around. This is a dirt trail and it is undisturbed by the modern world. With sounds of the natural springs and exotic birds it promises to excite any nature lover.

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2021년 12월
A hidden fair tale land on the hillside, with a natural spring n many natural beauty. All proceeds goes to support the local community.

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Hiking sneakers
Bottled water
Rag or sweat towel
Inhaler ( for persons with medical conditions)

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