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Showing the route and places I do love myself genuinely, so that's why I can share them because of own enthusiasm, next to the architecture and history of the city, we will check like Oude Haven next to cubicle houses and Market Hall, Main Church all in the heart going around more to get a real idea and feel of how the city is connected, also some secret garden and parc places if preferable

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에어비앤비 호스팅 시작 연도: 2017년
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Have lived 2 months in a cubicle house right in the center in front of the Market Hall, a real insider who is proud and happy with the city and her story, also because of the innovation and where it is leading.
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The experience takes place in and around the heart of the city, it is all walkable, connected with each other. It is just nice and you see many nice stuff durin the trip from shop, parcs, fountain, museums and more

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