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Explore Manila holidays and discover the best time and places to visit Let's explore the best things to do in Manila and
Fun Things to Do in Manila on Your Very First Trip. Go back in time at the old city, Go on a food crawl around Binondo, the world's oldest Chinatown. Get a breathtaking view. Explore this urban park dedicated to Jose Rizal, the country's national hero. See your aquatic dreams

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에어비앤비 호스팅 시작 연도: 2019년
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Hi, I'm Jackie and I love exploring places in Metro Manila which I am so eager to share with you
My hobbies include cooking, and discovering new places to dine. I have a bubbly personality and there is never a dull moment in my company. I find pleasure in sharing my experience to everyone I come across with and like the traveler I am, I always find great comfort in the hands of locals in places I go to and I want to share this experience, I want to give back for all the great times I had with my own traveling adventures and explore.
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Welcome to Old Manila Walks!
We are an eclectic and fun-loving bunch who walk the talk and believe that the best way to experience Manila is on foot! This belief we take into to heart and sole. At present, we are the leading tour outfit that offers specialized and bespoke cultural-historical themed tours in Manila. Don’t go home without experiencing the best Manila .

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2020년 2월
Jackie was such a lovely guide! She made this tour very personal and she was kind enough to meet with us at our hotel. The best was the insight into the Filipino culture and sharing our experience. Jackie was very professional at all times and always with a great smile. It was a great pleasure and honour to have her as our guide. Highly recommended!

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