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파르케 를레라스와 가까운 럭스 킹 발코니 전망
공동주택(콘도) 전체 · 최대 인원 2명 · 침대 1개 · 욕실 1.5개

파르케 를레라스와 가까운 럭스 킹 발코니 전망놀라운 전망을 자랑하는 고급 스튜디오는 포블라도 메델린 최고의 지역에 위치하고 있습니다. 최상급의 레스토랑과 쇼핑 시설이 매우 가깝다. 이 건물은 에어비앤비 임대를 허용하는 시내 최고의 건물 중 하나이며, 이 아파트는 관광청에 공식적으로 등록되어 있습니다.

Chalet boutique Cocuyos Santa Elena.
통나무집 전체 · 최대 인원 2명 · 침대 2개 · 욕실 1개

Chalet boutique Cocuyos Santa Elena.Sobre la montaña y bajo las estrellas podrás habitar un espacio acogedor y autentico rodeado de bosque y flores donde re-conectarás con la vida en la vereda.

핀카 로스 알프스 - 자쿠지가 있는 컨트리하우스
전원주택 전체 · 최대 인원 6명 · 침대 4개 · 욕실 2개

핀카 로스 알프스 - 자쿠지가 있는 컨트리하우스산의 멋진 전망과 야외 자쿠지를 즐길 수 있는 완벽하고 개인적인 장소입니다. 3층, 발코니, 와이파이, 해먹, BQQ 2개, 가스 1개와 숯 1개가 완비되어 있습니다. 식사 공간, 야외 식사 공간, 나무 갑판, 침실 2개, 욕실 2개, 주방으로 구성되어 원하는 모든 것을 준비하세요. 독특하고 따뜻한 숙소입니다. 곧 뵙겠습니다!

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Antioquia의 다른 근사한 휴가용 임대 숙소

  1. 공동 주택 전체
  2. Rionegro
동방신기 가톨릭대학교 근처에 적합
  1. 초소형 주택
  2. 메데인
산 펠릭스 대피소. 천국 및 메델린에 인접
  1. 공동 주택 전체
  2. 메데인
Designer loft located in Laureles
  1. 통나무집 전체
  2. Marinilla
라스 카멜리아스, 마법의 통나무집 엘 포더
  1. 전원주택 전체
  2. Jericó
La finca para volver a enamorarse del campo.
  1. 오두막
  2. Jardín
커플 캐빈, 리오 에코 트레일, 와이파이
  1. 저택 전체
  2. Santa Fé de Antioquia
산타페데안티오키아의 특별한 저택!
  1. 공동 주택 전체
  2. 메데인
💫💫에너지 리빙 1203-로프트 - 엘 포블라도 💫💫
  1. 주거용 공간 전체
  2. Guatapé
호수의 멋진 새 집 - 키첸 셰프와 자쿠지
  1. 통나무집 전체
  2. Rionegro
Casa BALI un sueño en la naturaleza
  1. 통나무집 전체
  2. 메데인
Cabaña en Santa Elena, parque Arví
  1. 통나무집 전체
  2. El Peñol
모모트 - 호수 앞 산장

최고 평점을 받은 Antioquia의 즐길 거리

Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • 아르헨티나 엠파나다 만드는 법 배우기
    Did you think that preparing empanadas was only for people who are experts in cooking? "ANYONE CAN COOK ARGENTINE EMPANADAS WITH US" - THIS IS GREAT FOR GROUPS. Empanadas are EASY, for every taste, cheap ingredients and absurdly delicious. One of the most popular dishes in Argentina, you find them on the streets or in any fancy restaurant, a perfect recipe for this time of austerity. WE WILL MAKE SURE YOU REALLY LEARN AND WE WILL GIVE YOU ALL OUR KNOWLEDGE! In only 2 hours we will teach you to make 5 salty empanadas and 1 sweet. You will get a video to learn to make the fillings. During the experience we will teach you how to make the dough, knead and make the shape for each empanada (each flavor has a different shape). Then we will show you the different fillings and combinations and assemble the empanadas to leave them ready to cook. With our dough you can bake or fry. To finish and no less important, we are going to teach you how to make the popular chimichurri, this is the sauce to eat your empanadas. We love to see families and friends cooking together. This Experience is great for team-building. Book a private experience for your group. Is your group larger than my listed max group size for private groups? Send me a message. "Empanadas are for everyone and no matter the age or level of culinary knowledge, we can all learn." You dare?
  • ATV를 타고 신나게 달리기
    We will go to an ATV track located in Guarne, 30 kms from Medellín. Yesenia is our guides, she is very friendly and she will make the best experience for you. The track is 12 kms long so we will ride for 1.5 hour. On the way you can discover the mountainous landscape of Antioquia department, its nature and you will enjoy and amazing view. Other things to note The tour is a scenic tour, An insurance is included so you can ride with no worries. When raining we still can do it
  • 페뇰과 과타페 프라이빗 투어
    Live one of the best experiences of Colombia in an exclusive tour of 8 hours, which starts at your place of residence in Medellin where you will be picked up by an experienced local and bilingual guide (Spanish and English) who will tell you some of the stories along the way most representative of the country and the history of the Guatapé dam, while traveling in a comfortable car with air conditioning and music of your choice, starting a 2-hour trip through one of the most typical roads in Antioquia, where you can experience some of the culture and customs of the locals, enjoying a spectacular landscape until arriving at the "replica" of the town of Peñol that is submerged in one of the most beautiful dams of Colombia.
  • 현지인과 함께 코무나 13의 진면모 만나기
    Nos enfocamos en personas que realmente buscan experiencias únicas. Cuando un turista va a la Comuna 13, siempre sigue la misma ruta, lo que dificulta diferenciar entre un recorrido u otro. Porque sabemos que quieres descubrir lugares que pocos conocen, pero sin perder lo más destacado, te llevaremos a descubrir parques, callejones, miradores y grafitis que la mayoría de los turistas no ven porque desconocen su existencia y otros recorridos. no visite estos lugares. Además, tendrás la oportunidad de degustar una deliciosa taza de café colombiano y las mejores cremas de mango verde con limón y sal, típicas de la zona. NOTA: Para realizar este tour necesitamos un mínimo de 5 personas ya que debemos pagar a nuestro guía local y cubrir los gastos básicos. Pero también ofrecemos la opción de reservar un tour privado por 10 USD (1 a 2 personas).
  • 패러글라이딩 도전기
    We will pick you up at your place. You will paragliding over the city of Medellin and you will be able to witness the majesty of the city from above. You will fly with a certified instructor who will show you the best landscape and will leave you jaw-dropping. It will be a 15 minutes flight. Take part of this amazing experience. This experience requieres to walk up some stairs to get to the takeoff zone. We have to landing spots and depending on the weather conditions you can land either on the same place you takeoff from or in the city. In case you land in the city your driver will drive down and meet you in a place that we have already agreed. Other things to note The experience depends on climate conditions. We have an international flight insurance. If you want us to take photos or videos it has an extra cost of 14 usd. (40.000 pesos)